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FTZ - Butt Connectors - Crimp 'N Seal


FTZ Industries pioneered heat shrinkable connectors and has continued to innovate in the electrical connector market.  With an ever expanding assortment of products we, at 12 Volt Warehouse, have chosen to partner with FTZ to provide our customers with the best assortment of wire connectors.
FTZ's Crimp 'N Seal product line sets the industry standard for heat shrink wire terminals.  This product line features:

  • Seamless Tubular Splices insure mechanical and electrical integrity under severe conditions and can be crimped on any side.
  • Brazed Seam Terminals brazed seam will not split open under the most extreme installation and operating conditions
  • Heat Shrinkable Tubing with 3:1 shrink rate, dual wall, polyolefin tubing with adhesive lining provides a waterproof seal with durable abrasion resistance and unequaled strain relief.
  • UL File #E 6207
  • Maximum Performance Up to 600 volts, 90°C

So...  What does this mean for you? 

We've used a lot of different electrical wire crimps over the years.  They have come from various sources, like marine hardware stores, online outlets, hardware stores, etc and cover everything from common, quality brands to unknown brands from overseas.  The combination of US quality control and UL approval means a lot to us.  Many folks look at an electrical connector and think they're all the same and look for the cheapest option.  We view them as a critical component of a DC electrical system and a potential source of concern.  That's why we choose FTZ as our product line of choice.