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Expion360 Classic LifePO4 Group 27 120Ah Deep Cycle Battery

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What makes an Expion360 Lithium battery better?

Expion360 starts with Grade A, 26650, UL listed Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, welded to heavy-duty copper collectors, a Battery Management System that is integrated into the battery's core, with industrial grade leads, connectors and terminals for maximum power delivery. These robust components are enclosed in a custom designed, fiber reinforced ABS case that’s IP66 rated, perfect for marine environments and harsh off-road applications. Unlike most other options, Expion360 Lithium batteries can be configured in either parallel or series. Expion360 backs these batteries up with an industry leading 12-year warranty. 

Why buy an Expion 360 Lithium versus a traditional flooded battery?

  • One Lithium battery has the same useful capacity as three traditional lead-acid batteries of similar size and amperage.
  • Lithium has lower voltage drop during discharge
  • Lithium recharges Three-Times faster
  • with Six-Times the discharge rate
  • They last Six-Times longer
  • And are Sixty-Five-Percent lighter.

How is an Expion360 battery better than any other lithium available?

  • The case is custom molded using fiberglass infused ABS Plastic. Water-tight for Marine applications.  It has internal ribs to lock components inside unlike other lithium batteries that use packing foam, or hot glue.  Rubber feet keep the battery in place.
  • Expion360 uses only grade A, 26-650 cylindrical cells, UL-Sixteen-Forty-Two recognized (File number MH 64-383) With mechanical connections, welding each cell directly to the plates.
  • Collector plates are solid copper, 5X thicker than other batteries; press-broke to add rigidity and create a flange for connectors. Expion360 uses PEM Studs and Nuts, secured with industrial epoxy.  The collector assembly is the battery’s rigid back-bone.
  • The Battery Management System board is mounted to a custom molded ABS insulation base. An aluminum base plate dissipates heat and provides structural support.  The BMS assembly is bolted to the plates, adding to the battery’s rigidity
  • To minimize heat, and maximize power 10-gauge leads, heavy-duty connectors and shrink wrap,  are bolted to the plates, to the BMS, and to the terminals.  Terminal pads are solid brass, 95% larger than other lithium batteries.
  • Massive buss bars and industrial mounting tray hold-downs with a custom base plate are available as options. Multiple batteries can be connected in either Parallel or Series.