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Weld Mount Adhesively Bonded Fastener Kit

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The AT-65100 Adhesively Bonded Fastener Kit Has a Variety Of Weld Mount Parts Designed To Give The User The Chance To Try Our Weld Mount System At Low Cost. The Kit Comes With A Dispensing Gun And Mixing Tips For Installation Of Our Adhesively Bonded Fasteners. The Kit Contains Our AT-8040 No Slide Multi-Bonder Acrylic Adhesive Which Will Bond To Almost All Surfaces Except Low Energy Plastic Or Rubber And Will Hold Up Even Our Heaviest Parts On A Vertical Or Overhead Surface. The Adhesive Sets in 12 Minutes And Is Heat Resistant To 225 Degrees. The Adhesive Should Be Refrigerated and Has A Shelf Life Of 9 Months.

Kit Contains:

1 pc. AT-8040 No Slide Multi-Bonder Adhesive (option for no adhesive)
1 pc. AT-300 Dispensing Gun
5 pc. AT-850 Mixing Tips
50pc. AT-5 White Tie Mount
2 pc. AT-113B Large Footman’s Strap Mount
4 Pc. ST125-1420-16SS Studs 0.75” Tall
1 Plano Storage Box 11” x 7.25” x 2.75”