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KISAE - Abso DC-DC 30 Amp Charger; DMT-1230


KISAE's line of DC-DC chargers provide a smart charging solution for automotive, marine, RV, heavy truck and general off-the-grid installations.  We have known for years, that smart charging 12-Volt batteries with multiple stages in a charging algorithm increases battery life and efficiency.  KISAE DC-DC chargers provide these algorithms for DC power sources, without being connected to shore power.

Many sources of DC power, which are used to charge batteries and provide DC current, do so in a not so smart manner.  Many of these devices, like alternators, solar panels, wind generators and the like provide direct current power at varying levels of amperage.  Most use a shutoff to protect the battery from over charging but will allow the battery to take unrestricted amps.


If your application includes and engine, with a starting battery and alternator, and you have, or want to add, solar charging this unit will keep your house batteries in tip top shape for years to come.  

To learn more: Check out our Blog Post about KISAE DC to DC Charger 

Maximum Output
Max Output - Volts 12V
Max Output - Amps 30A
Input Voltage 12/24V
Solar Input - Volts 14.5-50Vdc 
Maximum Solar Input - Amps 30A
Max Solar Array 600W (see manual pg. 11 for more info)
Terminal Thread Size M6x1.0mm
Terminal Lug Size M6 or 1/4inch


Wire Sizing and Circuit Protection:

Ch. 1 - Output to House Battery Bank - Use wiring of sufficient size to carry 40 amps.  Note: It is recommended to mount the charger in a location to keep this distance as short as possible.

Ch. 2 - Input from Solar Array - For a 12V/300W solar array use wiring of sufficient size to carry 20 amps.  For a 24V/300W solar array use wiring of a sufficient size to carry 10 amps

Ch. 3 - Input from Alternator / Starter Battery - Use wiring of sufficient size to carry 50 amps.

Circuit protection should be of equivalent capacity to match the wire sizing recommendations per channel.