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Nut Plates


Floating nut plates are designed for thru hole and blind mounting applications. The rubber fixture holds the part in place while it is bonded in place with Weld Mount adhesive. The fixture keeps the threads clean during installation. Remove the rubber fixture when you are ready to make up the assembly. The threaded nut floats allowing for accurate bolt alignment. Nut plates eliminate tapping saving significant labor costs.

Weld Mount Nut Plates are available in three basic styles; Standard, Replaceable and Sealed.


Standard nut plates have the threaded portion, the nut, captured in the base permanently.  On the replaceable nut plates the threaded portion is captured in the base by a spring, thus allowing it to be easily replaced, should it become stripped.  The sealed nut plate is indeed sealed, preventing the elements (water, dust, etc) from intruding through the nut plate.

Our nut plates come in packs of 10 or 100.