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KISAE DC to DC Chargers

KISAE DC to DC Chargers

KISAE's line of DC-DC chargers provide a smart charging solution for automotive, marine, RV, heavy truck and general off-the-grid installations.  We have known for years, that smart charging 12-Volt batteries with multiple stages in a charging algorithm increases battery life and efficiency.  KISAE DC-DC chargers provide these algorithms for DC power sources, without being connected to shore power.

Many sources of DC power, which are used to charge batteries and provide DC current, do so in a not so smart manner.  Many of these devices, like alternators, solar panels, wind generators and the like provide direct current power at varying levels of amperage.  Most use a shutoff to protect the battery from over charging but will allow the battery to take unrestricted amps.

The KISAE Abso DC-DC Charger uses the vehicle's starting battery as a buffer to charge a house battery.  Simply connect the unit to the starting battery and allow it to charge your house battery.  When the KISAE DC-DC Charger senses current, att the starting battery, from the alternator the charger will smart charge an auxiliary or house battery bank.  Utilizing KISAE's mulit-stage charging process, the unit will assess the status of the house bank and automatically charge in either a 2 or 3 stage mode, which is user selectable.  The standard 3 stage Bulk, Absorption and Float stages will charge a house battery bank quickly and safely.  The Bulk stage will fast charge the batteries to 80% of their capacity.  The Absorption stage will reduce the current to "top off" the remanning 20% of the battery's capacity.  The final Float stage "trickles" current into the battery to keep it full, while preventing overcharging, while supporting loads connected to the battery, like lights or a refrigerator.  Once the battery is full, the charger will not restart a full charge cycle until the voltage drops below 12.5V.

The KISAE DC-DC chargers are fully prepared to charge Flooded, AGM, GEL and Lithium batteries.  The units are preprogrammed with settings specific to each battery technology.  They are also 100% user programmable, providing the ability to tweak your settings to any recommended charging processes by the battery manufacturer.  This programability also allows to future battery technologies, should charging processes charge, with any new battery chemistries.

These chargers also include a MPPT controller, you can also connect a solar array to the unit and have the ability to charge your house battery wether the motor is running or not.  Having a built in solar controller allows for the elimination of another control unit, in the vehicle.  Simply connect unto a 500W solar array to the KISAE DC-DC charger and when the engine is idle the unit will switch over to the solar input for maintaining the charge on the house battery.

If your application includes and engine, with a starting battery and alternator, and you have, or want to add, solar charging this unit will keep your house batteries in tip top shape for years to come.  

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